Economies of Scale - Take a Second Look

Economies of Scale - Take a Second Look

Economies of scale - they come from buying more of something, yeah?

Well yes, but it doesn't stop at the purchase price of a wheel aligner. Here at Absolute Towers we're seeing a pleasing rise in small and large groups of workshops or tyre dealers calling us in to replace their existing mish mash of wheel alignment equipment with our latest CCD or 3D technology. They're impressed with the ease of use, the reporting ability and the accuracy & consistency of results plus of course the all-important competitive price. 

But it doesn't stop there. By standardising wheel aligners throughout the group, companies know that any technician in any of their depots is able to use the equipment anywhere else in the group. This makes staff scheduling, sickness or holiday cover so much easier as there is no need for specialist talent related to one site only. 

This is also great news for the customer. Gone are the days of "sorry to be so long, I'm not familiar with the equipment," which as an excuse really doesn't cut the mustard any more. Well-trained technicians familiar with their kit will do the job efficiently which is what a busy driver wants.

Absolute Alignment prides itself on its training services; its Technical Team members have themselves been trained at the suppliers' factories and are expert at passing on those vital hints and tips that speed up throughput. Its on-site training is always well received and full of real world examples. Absolute Alignment's team knows its stuff, and makes sure that your technicians do too. 

Workshops looking for increased income are fast turning to wheel alignment as a new business model, and groups of all sizes are seeing the advantages of keeping the same type of aligner throughout the company. Whether it be the latest WiFi Pro or old favourites like the Bluetooth 3D, Absolute Alignment has the technology to keep workshop groups on the right track for extra profits. 

Miss Alignment
February 2021

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