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Absolute Alignment are the experts in the latest 3D, digital and Bluetooth wheel alignment equipment from around the world. Top performance and affordable products will transform your bottom line.

A £2.8 billion annual market – how wheel alignment can help your bottom line Tyre badly worn by incorrect alignment

Can you afford to buy wheel alignment equipment? Can you afford NOT to is the real question! Approximately 40% of cars on the road are carrying suspension damage that requires rectification (source: The AA, 2017).  With 30.9 million licenced cars, that’s over 12 million potential customers needing wheel alignment.

What's this mean in the real world? Well, in the first three months of 2021 despite the lockdown, the RAC received 4,694 call outs to vehicles likely damaged by potholes. This was up from 1,461 the previous quarter and distorted wheels, broken springs and damaged shock absorbers were the among the regular damage reported. Just imagine - nearly 5,000 wheel alignment customers in three months beating a path to your door, and that's just one breakdown company's experience. In truth, the potential is much bigger.

The danger of our unmaintained roads

Badly potholed road causes suspension damageAccording to the RAC report (April 2021), our roads "resemble the surface of the moon", despite a claim from the Local Government Association that they are repairing a pothole every 19 seconds .

A report from 2015 highlights compensation claims for vehicle damage or personal injury rising at 20% per year. (Source: Asphalt Industry Alliance) More recently, potholes.co.uk reports that suspension problems due to potholes is costing UK motorists an estimated £2.8 billion per year. 

This danger is not going to go away. In March 2021 the Asphalt Industry Alliance estimated it would cost £10 billion spent over a decade to rid our roads of the backlog. Ongoing road damage due to heavy traffic, poor weather conditions compounds the problem.

Imagine the damage the road shown here will do to a car's suspension . Enhanced wear and tear alone will cause premature failure, never mind hitting it at any sort of speed. Our roads are a ticking time bomb, and you can profit. 

The ADAS effect

Official figures predict that the introduction of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) will save 2500 lives by 2030 and this translates to over 25,000 serious accidents prevented Europe-wide. Many of these complex warning systems rely on the rear thrust angle to operate correctly which makes correct vehical alignment even more important.

Absolute Alignment’s latest Bluetooth wheel aligners can seamlessly integrate with the hardware from many of the major ADAS sensor alignment specialists, saving money on extra equipment.  

Not just damage 

Even undamaged suspension needs regular maintenance, consider the following facts: 

  • A wheel that is just 2mm out of alignment is equivalent to dragging the tyre sideways for 24 feet per mile (source The Tire Business) 
  • Cars with incorrect wheel alignment can lose as much as 7% of fuel efficiency (source U.S. EPA) That could be £170 per year on an average 12,000 mile p.a. car 
  • 24% of MOT failures are due to tyre-related faults caused by suspension or steering problems. These require alignment after repair – that’s a market of over 2.7 million cars  

As we said, the business case for wheel alignment equipment is compelling. Enquire about our lease plan here.

Our experience of working with dealerships and independent workshops means we can offer you the RIGHT wheel alignment equipment at the RIGHT price. Choose Absolute Alignment for your wheel alignment equipment needs because:

  • We only supply and service wheel alignment equipment
  • We are the experts in the field
  • We are the only company with a full range of Bluetooth wheel aligners suitable for cars and commercials
  • We have dedicated demonstration vans that can visit your workshop
  • Our factory-trained engineers can give on-site training for you and your technicians
  • Our yearly service package is in compliance with PAS125
  • Your wheel alignment equipment can be available next day – a first in the industry!

Absolute Alignment Bluetooth Pro wheel alignment equipment in use

The business case for wheel alignment equipment is strong. You can earn £40k for just a fiver per day, find out how here.

Absolute Alignment is your perfect choice of wheel alignment equipment partner. We have a dedicated marketing programme to support your activities, and we include your name in our comprehensive Absolute Alignment Approved Centre directory at www.absolutewheelalignment.co.uk


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