Does your wheel alignment equipment welcome lowered cars?

Does your wheel alignment equipment welcome lowered cars?

Does your wheel alignment equipment welcome lowered cars? If not you could be missing out on BIG money from an important market and you need to speak to us.

Although we are a seller of wheel alignment equipment and not an alignment workshop, we still get many visits to our web pages from people looking for wheel alignment services. Naturally we monitor trends and our fastest growing query is "lowered car alignment", up 40% in July. 

We've blogged before about how owners of Absolute Alignment equipment can satisfy the need for lowered, sports and performance car alignment (Nice Wheels, Shame About the Clearance, September 2020). We have an in-built "spoiler programme" on the Bluetooth Pro aligner, and our market-leading 3D product is able to take on this challenge from the very beginning. Check out the link for detailed instructions. 



Many wheel alignment machines can't cope with modified cars at all, which leaves frustrated owners and a wasted business opportunity. Our experience suggests that this is a sector which would be worth targetting in your local area and even beyond. It's a very real USP that could bring you in further long-term business as on the whole modified car owners are active on internet forums and good news spreads fast. Speak to your web site provider about adding a page on lowered and performance cars, visit local car shows with your business card or add a "lowered cars a speciality" tag line on all your current advertising. It need not cost much and the results could be exciting. 

Owners of modified, lowered and performance cars traditionally spend big money on their cars, and the margins for workshops are enticing. If you're not currently using Absolute Alignment wheel aligners and want to take advantage of these high-spending customers, contact the Technical Team on 01252 549340 and book a FREE demonstration. We could having you earning money from this lucrative market in days. 


UPDATE - Not long after this post we received the following enquiry via our web site:

"May seem strange ask, We currently have Hunter equipment,and often get asked to align very low cars,where we cannot use our wheel clamps ,could you let us know who is our nearest absolute aligner user so we may direct our customers to please."

You need to be that nearest Absolute Aligner - this is a great chance to develop long term business. And if you don't have an Absolute Alignment Bluetooth Pro or 3D - then consider investing in mthe future. Call 01252 549340 and speak to the Technical Team.

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