Coronavirus Update - 14th May 2020

Coronavirus Update - 14th May 2020

With England starting to relax some of the restrictions on travel and work, we can at last run a limited demonstration and installation service again. 

It's been a busy few weeks, fulfilling orders for Bluetooth 3D, Bluetooth Pro and WiFi Pro wheel aligners as soon as the suppliers were able to get their shipments though to us. We're now in a position to take orders and supply from stock again.

We're still a bit under pressure as the team comes off furlough so please be patient if you call or message us. Facebook messages are often picked up by our back office team who will pass your questions on the the Technical guys who in turn may be on the road and not in a position to answer straight away. We do promise to get back to you though!

Hopefully the Absolute Alignment Virtual Showroom here on our web site will answer a lot of questions for you. You can find full details of all our wheel aligners and accessories together with prices. As we discuss in our blog article, now is an excellent time for  workshops to invest in their futures. There is a strong business case for helping customers Stay Safe, Stay Legal and Save Money.

We're not sure if life will ever get back to "as it used to be", but Absolute Alignment will be keeping you on track whatever.

Miss Alignment

14th May 2020



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