Shocking Road Safety Stats Mean Increased Wheel Alignment Profits

Shocking Road Safety Stats Mean Increased Wheel Alignment Profits

Statistics gathered by the RAC show that huge numbers of vehicles are on the road with defective tyres and suspension. Figures from the DVSA indicate that in the year up to March 2022 some 7.3 million “small passenger vehicles” failed their MOTs, of which the majority were for lights/reflectors/electrical which are often an easy fix, but 12% failed on faulty tyres and nearly one-fifth (19%) due to suspension problems.

Translating those figures to real world numbers, that means around 876,000 cars on the road with defective rubber, and a massive 1.3 MILLION with some form of suspension-related damage or wear. With the government proposing that MOTs are only due every two years, private workshops are becoming the front line in road safety. Thanks to technological advances in garage equipment, wheel alignment services are within the grasp of more businesses than ever. Gone are the days of the laborious “wheel alignment bay”, modern equipment such as Absolute Alignment’s cost-effective Bluetooth Lite and top-of-the-range Bluetooth 3D are quick and flexible matching the needs of owner/operators and multi-site dealerships alike.

A wheel alignment check can take just a couple of minutes, and a skilled technician can diagnose many problems while inspecting the work required and help the driver stay safe, stay legal and save money – while adding to his own company’s bottom line.

Investment in a wheel aligner can see payback in just a few months and cost the equivalent of just a couple of cups of coffee per day.

Absolute Alignment’s Technical Director Chris Dear says: “These shocking figures show that it is more necessary than ever that workshops can offer quick vehicle health checks, and at Absolute Alignment we’re dedicated to making that happen.”

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March 2023

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