Why do I need my own wheel aligner?

Why do I need my own wheel aligner?

Smaller workshops often ask us: "Why do I need my own wheel aligner? I just pop down the tyre dealers and get it done there."

According to Chris Dear, Technical Director at Absolute Alignment, having the equipment in-house will result in lower cost and greater efficiency:   

"The main advantage for the workshop in bringing the wheel alignment in-house is independence. The fact that they are not reliant on other people, with all the problems of quality control and time taken that entails, is invaluable. With their own equipment, workshop controllers know that once a job is scheduled, it is done on time, within budget and to specified standards.   

"It saves time and money in two ways. Firstly their cars don't have to be taken to another business which costs time and money. Secondly workshops know the job has been done correctly by one of their trained engineers, rather than relying on the operative at the off-site location. So doing it once and doing it right.

"We've taken steps to make aligners like the WiFi Pro easy to use, easy to store and easy to buy."

 Chris believes the key for users is to know how to use the alignment data once they have it:  

"The important thing is to understand what the information is telling you about the vehicle you are looking at. Say you've had a right-front smash and the left-rear toe is out - is that anything to do with your job? Having it in-house you can make that decision. If you take it down to a tyre shop they possibly just get the steering wheel straight, and send it back to you saying 'yeah it's alright mate.' But potentially it could be out somewhere else, this is a skilled job and we give the training needed to see the whole picture."  

Chris adds: "We work with all businesses from small independent bodyshops to major national chains. The thing we try and focus on is keeping the actual equipment simple and quick to use. The whole check is about two minutes, and we work on the simplicity of 'press-the-green-button-and-do-what-the-picture-tells-you.' "  

Wheel alignment can also be very profitable as other workshops will soon realise *you* are the experts and come to you to get the job done. Take a look at these figures from a tyre dealer in Devon. They have operated an Absolute Alignment Bluetooth Pro wheel aligner for two years.

Average alignment jobs: 6 per day
4-Wheel alignment charge: £45
2-Wheel alignment charge: £30
Income per day: £180 -£270 from wheel alignment

The latest development is for wheel alignment to be integrated into ADAS sensor calibration, meaning a car can leave the workshop working as it should. "To ignore the ADAS effect could be disastrous," adds Chris. 

Wheel alignment and ADAS sensor calibration are fast becoming important profit centres for workshops of all sizes. Check out the stats here

Call the Absolute Alignment Technical Team on 01252 549340 for your FREE on-site demonstration, and start to earn money from four-wheel alignment! 

By Miss Alignment
July 2020


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