Extend Your Repertoire with Absolute Alignment

Extend Your Repertoire with Absolute Alignment

Extend your repertoire with Absolute Alignment 

The all-new Head Mount Extension Pins make the alignment of commercial vehicles with your standard Bluetooth Pro wheel aligner a cinch, opening up a whole new market for workshops that have traditionally shied away from even light commercial vans. 

The problem is that ‘normal’ wheel alignment heads struggle to operate on vehicles like the ubiquitous Transit when the hub projects through the wheel leaving a deep convex shape. They certainly cannot be used for buses and lorries.

The Absolute Alignment solution comes in the form of simple Extension Pins which straddle the hub and Extension Arms that allow the clamp to operate on large wheels, allowing safe location of the alignment measuring head. Matching pins on the rear bring the two heads into line, and the whole operation seamlessly brings truck alignment into the realm of smaller workshops.  

Call the Absolute Alignment technical team on 01252 549340, or follow the links above, to find out more about the latest four wheel alignment equipment suitable for commercial vehicles.

Wheel aligner head extended mounting pins


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