EVs the key to expanded profit potential

EVs the key to expanded profit potential

Wheel alignment equipment supplier Absolute Alignment predicts a boom time for vehicle alignment specialists thanks to the rise in popularity of electric vehicles (EVs).  

Recent research led by the University of Leeds found that the average electric car puts 2.24 times more stress on roads than a similar petrol vehicle – leading to an inevitable increase in the current plague of potholes that are wrecking our cars. Suspension damage can lead directly to higher fuel consumption and, more worryingly, excessive tyre wear which is a major factor in accidents.  

But a 4-wheel alignment check is a cost-effective way of fighting back. Absolute Alignment’s Technical Director, Chris Dear, says: “All drivers should consider a regular vehicle alignment check to be as important as the annual MoT test. It’s a huge business opportunity for workshops of all sizes.” 

Technicians are urged to look out for the early warning signs of suspension damage on cars that come into the workshop, even for other reasons. “The first signs will be uneven wear on the tyres,” says Chris. “And a skilled technician can read that wear to advise customers accordingly.” 

As well as creating more potholes, EVs themselves are at extra risk of damage. Chris continues: “EVs are heavier and so possibly more prone to suspension damage. It’s going to be vital that EV owners and fleet managers have a regular alignment schedule, if only to optimise range. Just a small error in alignment can cause up to 7% loss of range and that can be crucial.” 

The message is clear – as cars get heavier pothole damage is here to stay, and go-ahead workshops will be able to work with fleet operators and private drivers to draw up a profitable inspection schedule. Further details of how to take advantage of this rapidly-increasing market can be found at www.absolutealignment.co.uk or by calling the Absolute Alignment Technical Team on 01252 549340. 


Miss Alignment 

July 2023 



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