Deteriorating Roads Make First Class Profits

Deteriorating Roads Make First Class Profits

We laugh, but this scene is all too common as Britain's roads descend further into Pothole Heaven. Miss Alignment's own corner of southern England is a prime example of the state of roads in the country, with increasing numbers of potholes living side-by-side with old repairs that are slowly sinking below normal road level. Driving on these roads it's not hard to imagine the damage being done to vehicles if they fail to dodge the ever-increasing holes in the ground.

Drivers are urged to step up their vehicle inspection regime, with weekly visual checks on wheels and tyres which are the most vulnerable components, but also increasing the frequency of regular four wheel alignment checks. These checks don't just confirm alignment, they are the opportunity for a skilled technician to glance over the suspension and check for any breakages or wear that may not be immediately obvious to the driver.

Now imagine the effect on your bottom line if you could tap into that market - if you could quickly check and quote to repair the damage. It's a big market.

Absolute Alignment is a market leader in the provision of wheel alignment equipment to workshops. Our Bluetooth aligners are at the cutting edge of technology, simple to use yet uncompromising in their performance. An alignment check can take as little as two minutes yet the sophisticated equipment costs only the equivalent of a couple of cups of coffee per day. Check out how our popular Bluetooth Pro can work for you in our training video: 



Wheel alignment is a fast way to big profits, and is a great contribution to road safety and even money saving. A wheel knocked just a few millimetres out of line by a pothole can decrease fuel efficiency by 7%, and the sideways drag on the tyre will shorten its life. As an Absolute Alignment Approved wheel alignment centre you'll be part of a trusted brand and in pole position to benefit from this growing market. Even if the budget were in place to fix all potholes, it will take years to clear the backlog and this is a never-ending problem. Investment in wheel alignment equipment now will be showing profit for many years to come.

For information on how you can profit from the state of our roads, call the Technical Team on 01252 549340 or complete the enquiry form here

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