MoT Failures Create Business Opportunity for Wheel Alignment

MoT Failures Create Business Opportunity for Wheel Alignment

Nearly a fifth of MOT failures are due to suspension faults according to a report by Yahoo News UK, who analysed DfT figures published recently, and plans to make MOT tests every two years instead of annual could result in suspension damage leading to unsafe cars on the road according to 98% of respondents to an RAC survey. This presents a huge business opportunity to workshops who can offer wheel alignment services.

Chris Dear, Technical Director of leading wheel alignment equipment supplier Absolute Alignment says: "This could all so easily be avoided by workshops advising drivers to have regular wheel alignment checks. These are so much more than just 'doing the tracking', a modern computerised wheel aligner will ensure a car's suspension is safe to proceed and will pass an MOT."

Yahoo News UK's survey categorised the DfT's MOT failure statistics from 2019-2022 and found that 19% of failures were due to suspension related defects. With nearly one fifth of cars as potential customers, there's never been a better time for a workshop to invest in wheel alignment technology or upgrde to improve throughput.

"Suspension is such an integral part of the car," continued Chris. "Not only will the car be left unsafe but leaving the repairs undone will hit the wallet too through increased tyre wear and fuel consumption. At Absolute Alignment we have marketing resources to help workshops attract new custom to ths vital function."

Absolute Alignment has a network of approved centres where suspension checks and rectification ARE carried out professionally on their specialist equipment. Concerned motorists should go to to find their nearest AAA Centre where a full alignment and suspension check can be carried out.

Any workshops wanting new wheel alignment equipment should visit and talk to Absolute Alignment's Technical Team on 01252 549340. A state of the art wheel aligner can cost less than a couple of coffees per day, and be earning big £ from Day 1.

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November 2022

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