Align this? No problem!

Align this? No problem!
"You'll never align this"
"Hold my beer!"
At Absolute Alignment we like a challenge, and this super-large SUV certainly presented one. So we reached for the wheel clamp extenders and the rest, as they say, was child's play. 
With wheel alignment clamp extenders you can align most popular SUVs, boosting your profits and offering your services to a wider audience. These are the solution to a problem you didn't know you could solve! The extension arms are used with the standard pro clamp and take the total reach up to 28", more than enough for most SUV wheels and tyres. Thanks to the neat mounting feet you won't damage the rims either because metal-to-metal contact is totally eliminated. 
This is just one of a range of solutions we have to help you extend your market, if you'll pardon the pun. How about head extending pins so you can align vans and small trucks with outwardly domed wheels? Or our famous drop brackets to work on scissor and 2-post lifts? If you have a wheel alignment problem, come to us as we are the experts.
Check out our range of wheel alignment extras here, and call the Technical Team on 01252 549340 for all the info and more.
Miss Alignment
October 2022
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