EV MoT Failures a Business Opportunity for Tyre Retailers and Workshops

EV MoT Failures a Business Opportunity for Tyre Retailers and Workshops

Figures released by Carwow ahead of the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans are proving a massive boost to tyre retailers and workshops offering tyres and wheel alignment services.  

A study released by the online car retailer has proved that over a third (36.18%) of EV MoT failures are due to defective tyres. While there is some dispute as to whether this is caused by the increased weight of the vehicles or simply due to their torque characteristics, it remains a fact that it is more important than ever for drivers to keep an eye on their tyres when driving an EV, and for workshops to offer regular tyre checks. 

Aldershot-based wheel alignment equipment supplier Absolute Alignment has been watching this trend for some time and Technical Director Chris Dear said: “It’s interesting to see our anecdotal evidence backed up with hard facts. We’re getting feedback from our customers that EVs require new tyres more frequently than traditional cars and vans.” 

“With the state of our roads, it’s critical that both EV and ICE drivers to keep an eye on their suspension set up, as any small misalignment can result in excessive tyre wear, extra fuel consumption and even a dangerous fault on your MoT test. However EVs do seem to suffer disproportionately so we urge drivers to have their wheel alignment checked regularly.” 

“Correct wheel alignment is vital for all cars,” continued Chris, “and EVs seem to put more demands on their tyres even if everything else is in order. We urge drivers to have regular alignment checks to enhance road safety.” 

There’s an Absolute Alignment Approved Centre in most towns and concerned drivers can pay them a visit to have their car professionally checked for any potentially dangerous defects. A local centre can be found at www.absolutewheelalignment.co.uk under “AAA Centres.”  

Workshops wishing to offer wheel alignment services and take advantage of this burgeoning market should call the Absolute Alignment Technical Team on 01252 594340 and check out www.absoutealignment.co.uk. 

Miss Alignment
August 2022 

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