Alignment on the Go-Go-Go!

Alignment on the Go-Go-Go!

When we say our wheel alignment equipment can be used anywhere - we mean ANYWHERE!

Take this photograph from a track day at Castle Combe Racing Circuit in Wiltshire this weekend. Yes, that's a Bluetooth Pro being used at a race track. Yes, the "flat patch" come vehicle hoist is a Brian James four wheel trailer.  Yes it's being run from the tablet in Chris's hand, no need to be in line of sight to a traditional cabinet. 

No hoist. No electricity. No problem. Absolute Alignment has you earning money from wheel alignment no matter where. Trust our advanced technology to be working for you from Day 1, bringing a new income stream to your workshop - even if you don't have a workshop!

Interested? Check out the Absolute Alignment Bluetooth Pro here. The price of a couple of coffees a day can be a FAST route to BIG profits - just call the Technical Team on 01252 549340 to talk through your specific requirements. Whether it's a mobile unit like this or a high-throughput 3D system Absolute Alignment is your first choice of wheel alignment partner.

Miss Alignment
March 2022

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