Behind the Scenes with Power Maxed Racing

Behind the Scenes with Power Maxed Racing

Absolute Alignment has been a technical partner of Power Maxed Racing for three seasons now, and has stepped up to full sponsor status for 2021. But what benefit is there for you, the workshop using our technology to improve your bottom line? We take a look behind the scenes with Power Maxed Racing to find out whether motor sport really does feed back into everyday use.

Mobile Capacity

We've always promoted the Bluetooth Pro as an excellent choice for the mobile mechanic wanting to develop an off-site alignment business. Its robust cabinet can be wheeled easily into a suitable van and the cabinet-mounted measuring head charging system is quick and easy to use. With PMR we've managed to go one step further, reducing the footprint of the Bluetooth Pro to that of a simple toolbox and laptop:

  1. The whole alignment programme has been uploaded to the team laptops, putting the information at the mechanics' fingertips instantly
  2. In conjunction with PMR we have developed a sturdy flight box for the measuring heads which have charging points built in. We regularly monitor the calibration as part of our product development, and we have found that our flight boxes protect the heads so that they require no more re-calibration than in your own workshop despite the regular transportation. Ideal for the mobile mechanic or race team!
  3. PMR use two Bluetooth Pro wheel aligners at race meetings, and we regularly monitor their accuracy. We're delighted to say that both sets match each other, proving you can trust out technology even away from your workshop

Product development

There's no doubt about it, motor sport has unique requirements that require unique solutions. Take a look at these examples:

  1. Spoiler programme - in conjunction with PMR we've managed to refine our spoiler programme procedures so we can advise you how best to align lowered, performance and modified cars. Check out the blog post "Nice wheels, shame about the clearance"
  2. Centre lock mounts - racing cars and some classics often rely on centre lock wheels, and together with PMR we've developed a stand that allows alignment of such cars with the wheels off. This is ideal for race teams in a busy pit 

Other benefits

Besides its race team, PMR has a busy high-end vehicle workshop, and it uses our top-of-the-range Bluetooth 3D wheel aligner. We've worked with PMR to refine features such as our no-metal-contact measuring head pins. We constantly liaise with the team so that you can benefit from the very best practice in wheel alignment technology. We race, you win.

Our support for PMR is so much more than sponsorship, as a technical partner we have an exclusive insight into how our equipment performs in the harshest of proving grounds. Call the Technical Team on 01252 549340 to discuss how we can help you.

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