Social Media Marketing and Wheel Alignment

Social Media Marketing and Wheel Alignment

Is there anything more boring than the phrase "Social Media Marketing and Wheel Alignment"? Surely I could have come up with a more arresting title to grab your attention? 

Well yes, it's not an absorbing topic for a busy workshop, but social media marketing should be a really important part of your attempts to find new local business and at Absolute Alignment we can help you. 

Firstly, consider just why social media should be an important tool in your box. You are a local business serving your local area, and you will thrive on positive recommendations from local motorists. Unless you have a truly special offering - perhaps some of our motorsport specialists for instance - you won't be looking to recruit customers from around the UK or even around the county. Making use of your local news groups or "for sale" pages is an excellent first step to becoming the "go to" people in your town or area. Get involved, not just with advertising but giving tips and answering questions that establish you as an expert. That way when the inevitable question is asked "where should I go for wheel alignment?" the answer is always "there's a company who posts here regularly, give them a try."

Sometimes you will be placing an advertisement or sponsored post and there are excellent results to be had from social media. It's particularly cost effective too, because you can target a really local area around your premises and select the reader profile that most matches your customer base. It's really annoying when one of your paid-for clicks is from someone the other end of the country!

Whenever you do make a post in your business name, please tag @absolutealignment and we will share/retweet to expose your business to a wider audience. We have a marketing department keen to help you get the best from your investment both in your wheel alignment equipment and Absolute Alignment as a company. We have stock images that you can access as well as some ideas for press relases that you can personalise, plus designs for professional POS literature and banners that you can download and produce yourself. Check it out at!AlhWu13X85bTgRytuqVu7L0rRqvg?e=ZXvhy9

We know from experience that using social media as a source of customers works, and the main platforms are low-priced and easy to work with. It's not an instant hit, but well worth the effort - give it a go.

Miss Alignment
March 2021


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