We keep stock to help customers

We keep stock to help customers

It's long been Absolute Alignment's policy that we keep stock to help customers. We believe that if workshops have made the decison to invest, they need to get a return on their investment as soon as possible rather than waiting for deliveries from far-flung manufacturers. In todays multi-channel world, it's more important than ever to be able to satisfy customer demand quickly and effectively because another supplier is just a click or a message away. 

So stock levels and customer service are vitally important in attracting and retaining customers. Absolute Alignment was recently tested to the very limit, and passed that test with flying colours. Social media is important to us, and it demands round-the-clock attention. Recently it bore fruit in the most dramatic way - our Technical Director Chris Dear takes up the story:

"It started with a late night message via Facebook. I've always got my phone to hand so was happy to take the message and reply that yes, we had the aligner in stock and the price was as shown on www.absolutealignment.co.uk . After some messages to and fro, a deal was agreed on one proviso - the buyer was leaving for his native Romania the very next day."

It was here that Absolute Alignment's policy was really able to help the buyer out. At 0900 the very next morning the Technical Team had a shiny new Bluetooth Pro in the Training Room ready for the customer to collect. Training was duly given and certificated, and the aligner loaded into the customer's van for its journey across Europe.

Absolute Alignment prides itself on being able to meet customer demand quickly. Since Brexit we've increased stocks to smooth out any difficulties in supply and we're increasing our team of engineers to give the best in support and back up. If you've any questions about wheel alignment equipment simply call the Technical Team on 01252 549340, or use the contact us option on this site. You could even try our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts and pop us a DM. 

Until next time.

Miss Alignment

September 2020

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