MOT and Wheel Alignment

MOT and Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment isn't part of the MOT - although here at Absolute Towers we think it should be - but it can be an integral part of any MOT station's profits if handled strategically. 

We all know there's been an extension to the MOT expiry date for most road vehicles during the lockdown, which probably means there's going to be an extra rush as the summer rolls on and drivers emerge blinking into the light of day-to-day life again. Each one of those "oh gosh my car needs MOT" moments is a chance to earn extra profits - with 40% of vehicles on the road carrying some kind of suspension damage, the MOT test is an ideal opportunity to upsell wheel alignment. It's also possible that cars that have not turned a wheel for some months will need some work to them, and that may call for re-alignment anyway, particularly if ADAS is involved. 

It takes just a couple of minutes to undertake a wheel alignment check on your existing MOT ramp with our technically-advanced Bluetooth Pro. wheel aligner This could either be a simple "freebie" speculative check as add-on to your MOT offering, or a stand-alone charge to promote a professional, thorough vehicle "health check". Whichever you choose, the Bluetooth Pro will impress your customers with its efficient before and after print out.

The Bluetooth Pro is fully portable so can move around to any ramp that isn't being used. It makes workshop planning a doddle compared to using the "Tower" which ties your alignment to one ramp. It will carry out wheel alignment on a range of vehicles from classic Mini to light commercial and can be expanded to take on ADAS sensor calibration. This flexibility allows you to take on a variety of last-minute work when a ramp is empty, helping productivity and profitability.  

Wheel alignment is a growing market, and can be twinned with ADAS sensor calibration. This opens up an even larger business opportunity, and the versatile Bluetooth Pro can handle both.  

Absolute Alignment is at the forefront of educating the public about the importance of wheel alignment and we have dedicated a whole web site to the matter. Included on it is a searchable database of Absolute Alignment Approved Centres, and your centre will be included on the list once you purchase through us. 

Wheel alignment profits can be yours from as little as a fiver per day on a competitive lease plan. Profits come from Day One, with a quick payback just on wheel alignment checks never mind the remedial work. 

Can you afford a wheel aligner in your MOT bay? Can you afford not to have one! 

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