The EV and Wheel Alignment

The EV and Wheel Alignment

Miss Alignment discusses how the EV and wheel alignment are going to interact.

The story of the EV and wheel alignment has yet to be fully written but early indications are that corect geometry is even more important than ever before. Bigger wheels, strange tyre sizes and heavier vehicles will put more strain on the average car than we see at the moment. Add in the radical camber angles that some EVs run and tyre wear will become a rising cost of motoring.  

What will this mean for the average workshop? A new business opportunity! Consider effect of incorrect alignment on the biggest worry of the EV driver –  battery range. A mere 2mm of alignment error is equivalent to dragging your tyres sideways for 24 feet every single mile which wastes power. Precise alignment will be vital for meeting manufacturers’ quoted figures.  You can offer “free” mileage simply for keeping on top of maintenance. 

Another consideration is the way that an EV delivers its power – hard and fast! EVs have instant torque and can accelerate very fast, putting increased strain through the tyres. Imagine the effect incorrectly aligned suspension would have on road safety with massive torque loads during cornering. The EV is potentially heavier than its ICE-equipped cousin, further stressing the tyres .  

It has been recommended that EV drivers have four-wheel alignment checks every six months because it is such an important part of their car’s life. Equally, workshops must be prepared for an influx of drivers demanding quick alignment after they’ve hit a pothole or kerb. 

For workshops, it will finally be time to ditch the lasers which rely on the human eye and at very best are only accurate to 1mm – or 12 feet per mile. Clearly not enough to cope with the extra demands of EVs. Thankfully Absolute Alignment is on hand with equipment that has a digital readout accurate to 0.1mm... 

...the Bluetooth Pro is a modern, state-of-the-art wheel aligner that takes the hard work out of wheel alignment. It can be supplied with extended clamping arms to safely attach the heads to the EV’s new larger wheel sizes.  

So what will be the effect of EVs on wheel alignment? Simply that “close enough” will no longer be “good enough.” Your customers will have the latest in technology, they will demand you have equipment matching it. Check out the virtual showroom on this site, then call the Technical Team on 01252 549340 to discuss your future or CONTACT US. Learn more about wheel alignment on our consumer site 

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