Back to work?

Back to work?

Even with the world still under the grip of Coronavirus, it is not too early to plan for a future when we can get back to work and back visiting our valued customers. We're missing you guys!

We have drawn up a revised health and safety procedure to keep us, you and your customers protected when we can visit your workshops again. For your peace of mind:

  • We will be carrying face masks, cleansing wipes and hand gels
  • All our representatives will have disposable gloves
  • We have develeoped a strict cleaning programme for equipment and vehicles, before and after use 
  • Our representative will designate a safe working area for himself
  • If he cannot work safely, he will not be able to carry out any service ior calibration

All we ask is that you provide safe disposal for our used cleaning materials and gloves. 

Thank you in  advance for your help. We don't know when, but together we can get back to some sort of normality as soon as possible. 

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